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Automatically tracks your spending

Oval automatically tracks your spending by linking your bank accounts and credit cards.

Oval tracks spending using the magic of machine learning. As you make purchases, Oval will intelligently apply one of its smart categories based on what was purchased and especially on why you purchased it.

If you want more detail about your spending habits, Oval allows you to create custom tags for each expense. These tags are searchable making it possible to quickly find out exactly how much you are spending on certain items.


Understand what makes for better saving

With this information, you will be able to make better spending decisions, using the data and lessons from your fellow Ovalers.

Using Oval is about constant learning.

We securely and anonymously analyze the spending and savings data from our community of users to better understand what makes for better saving.

Our personal finance experts are constantly on the hunt for tips and tricks to make saving easier.

These are shared in-app through notifications, and are explained in greater detail in our blog posts.

We also invite our community of Ovalers to share methods that have worked for them.


Program automatic deposits

Oval allows you to program automatic deposits to a personal and secure digital account (e-wallet).

The steps system has been designed based on newest research from financial experts and behavioural economists.

There are three types of steps that can be programmed:

  • Round-Up: Rounds-up the price of your purchase and puts the difference in your digital wallet, making it possible to look after pennies so the pounds can look after themselves, as your grandmother used to say.
  • Percentage: Takes a fixed percentage of what you spent on selected purchases and saves it in your digital wallet.
  • Fixed Amount: Takes a fixed amount that you set and saves it in your digital wallet for the purchases you choose.


Understand what makes for better saving

Your Oval account will collect the money saved through your programmed steps, empowering you with a growing balance that can be invested in partner products or withdrawn at any time.

Once you have accumulated some savings in your digital wallet, it might be time to consider moving that money into a savings product that can help your savings grow.

Our personal finance experts review the best available savings options and write about them on our blog, where you can get helpful tips on how to make your savings grow from big to bigger.

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We believe in building a community of Ovalers that can inspire others with financial advice through their personal experiences.

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Alessia C.
London, UK

"I’m a tech girl and I use a lot of Apps, but Oval Money is special because it helps me save money on a daily basis."

Testimonial author 1
Paolo S.
Milan, Italy

“As all students, I never spent much time thinking about savings… but finally I have Oval Money to think about it for me!!”

Testimonial author 1
Emily M.G.
London, UK

“Oval Money has been a great way for me to start saving. I’m not a techie and find finance sometimes complex, but that doesn’t matter. It’s really clear and easy to use!”

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