Much more than an account, much more than a card.

Oval Pay is the first smart account with a card that saves and invests for you as you use it.

Discover the banking experience of the future

With no hidden costs, free bank transfers, and ATM withdrawals, it is a Visa card that can be used to pay worldwide and allows you to deposit your cash. Oval Pay revolutionizes your idea of ​​banking. It combines payments, smart finance management and a new concept of financial technology that for the first time allows you to accumulate savings for every transaction and invest automatically, starting with just small amounts.

A complete account, zero expenses

Oval Pay is your current account with an Italian IBAN that offers you everything you need in everyday life. Whether it’s crediting your salary, making payments or bank transfers, or even taking advantage of free withdrawals; it is a free VISA card that you can use anywhere, home or abroad, with no hidden costs. Best of all, manage it where and when you want, directly from your smartphone.

The smart bank that evolves with you

Open your Oval Pay account in minutes and manage it entirely with just one app. Your expenses are now automatically organised and categorised, so you can always keep them under control, and you can manage your finances even more efficiently thanks to the suggestions of artificial intelligence.

Invest for your future

Only the Oval Pay card allows you to accumulate savings and invest them automatically every time you use it. You choose what to invest in and the app will help you do it on a recurring basis, turning the cents you save into capital.

Your money is safe

Security is no joke. We use the most advanced security protocols and meet all the standards of the largest Italian banking group (Intesa Sanpaolo Group - Banca 5) to guarantee the protection of your money and your data.


  • No monthly fees

  • Free online and bank transfers

  • Send and request money in real time between Oval users

  • Push notifications in real time on each transaction

  • Free withdrawals at all ATMs

  • Payment of cash at 17,000 participating points

  • Intelligent expense control with detailed statistics, budgets and goals

  • Payment of F24, Mav, Rav, pagoPA, bills and telephone top-ups coming soon

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay coming soon

  • Cashback with affiliated businesses coming soon

  • Budget and goal coming soon

Join the 350.000 + users onboarded on a new financial journey.

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